Braun - Food Processor 6 in 1 - 2.1L


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SKU:FP3131 6A

  • Power: Operates at 800W, providing sufficient power for various food processing tasks, ensuring efficient performance.
  • Bowl Capacity: Features a spacious 2.1L bowl, allowing for large quantities of ingredients to be processed at once, ideal for preparing meals for families or gatherings.
  • Number of Speeds: Offers 2 speed settings along with a pulse function, providing flexibility and precision control over the processing speed to achieve desired results.
  • Blender: Includes a 1.2L blender attachment, enabling blending of liquids, soups, smoothies, and other beverages with ease.
  • Material: Constructed with durable plastic material, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Accessories: Comes with a food processor, blender, dough tool, knife blade, emulsifying tool, and a 4mm reversible disc, providing versatility for various food preparation tasks, such as chopping, blending, kneading, slicing, and shredding.
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