For Honor PS4 Game

For Honor PS4 Game

For Honor PS4 Game

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Live by the sword

Witness the bloody brutality of the battlefield as history’s most iconic warriors come face to face. Choose between the agile Chosen, the brutal Warborn or the brave knights of The Legions and fight for land and glory.

Combine cunning, strategy and team play with brutal hand-to-hand melee combat to bring your enemies to their knees. The “Art of Battle”, For Honor’s innovative control system lets you wield the weight of your weapon and puts you in total control of every blow.

Customize your characters to create your own warrior image. Weapons and Armour are fully customizable with almost limitless combinations.

Model # 4HNR-PS4

Release Date

February 14, 2017
Developer Ubisoft
Genre Adventure/Arcade/Fighting
Publisher Ubisoft